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  • 英語作文名人名言

    時間:2019-05-02 10:04:05 | 網站:www.hnjzxf.com

    1、時間是偉大的作者,她能寫出未來的結局。──卓別林  Time is a great author, she can write the end of the future.

    2、泰山不讓土壤,故能成其大;河海不擇細流,故能成其深。——李斯  Don't let the soil in mount taishan, large because it; Hohai don't shun streams, so it can into the deep.

    3、沒有一種不幸可與失掉時間相比了。──屠格涅夫  There is no other misfortune that could be compared with the loss of time.

    4、如果你希望成功,當以恒心為良友,以經驗為參謀,以當心為兄弟,以希望為哨兵。──愛迪生  If you wish to succeed, as perseverance, for friend, experience as your reference, and watch as your brother and hope as your sentry.

    5、讀書是在別人思想的幫助下,建立起自己的思想。——巴金  Reading is in thought, with the help of others to build their own thoughts.

    6、在一個崇高的目的支持下,不停地工作,即使慢,也一定會獲得成功。——愛因斯坦  With a noble purpose support, the work, even if slowly, you will achieve success.

    7、大多數人是保守的,不輕易相信新事物,但能容忍對現實中的眾多失敗。——卡萊爾  Most people are conservative, not easily believe in something new, but it can tolerate many failure in reality.

    8、要散布陽光到別人心里,先得自己心里有陽光。——羅曼?羅蘭  The in the mind to spread sunshine to others, to the sunshine in my mind.

    9、成功的最佳捷徑是讓人們清楚地知道,你的成功符合他們的利益。——拉布呂耶爾  Success is the best shortcut to let people know clearly that your success is in their interests.

    10、生活永遠不像我們想的那樣好,但也不會像我們想像的那樣糟。——莫泊桑  Life never as good as we think, but also not as bad as we thought.

    11、多數人都擁有自己不了解的能力和機會,都有可能做到未曾夢想的事情。——戴爾?卡耐基  Most people have their own ability and opportunity, don't understand things may do, do not dream of.

    12、在各種孤獨中間,人最怕精神上的孤獨。——巴爾扎克  Among various kinds of loneliness, the most afraid of loneliness of spirit.

    13、成功的藝術處理的最高成就就是美。——歌德  The art of successful treatment highest achievement is beauty.

    14、書籍使我變成了一個幸福的人,使我的生活變成輕松而舒適的詩。──高爾基  Books make me into a happy man, make my life easy and comfortable.

    15、耐心是一切聰明才智的基礎。──柏拉圖  Patience is the basis of all intellect and wisdom.

    16、只有在那崎嶇的小路上不畏艱險奮勇攀登的人,才有希望達到光輝的頂點。——馬克思  Only in the rugged road take the bull by the horns climb of, have a chance of gaining its luminous summits.

    17、勞作是最可靠的財富。——拉?封丹  Labor is the wealth of the most reliable.

    18、一知半解的人,多不謙虛;見多識廣有本領的人,一定謙虛。——謝覺哉  A little knowledge of the people, the more humble; Well informed person with ability. You must be modest.

    19、少而好學,如日出之陽;壯而好學,如日中之光;老而好學,如炳燭之明。──劉向  Little and studious, such as Yang sunrise; The light of strong and studious, such as Japan and China; Old and studious, such as bean candle of Ming.

    20、勞動能使一個人的道德變得高尚。——加里寧  Labor makes a person's moral noble.

    21、一個人幾乎可以在任何他懷有無限熱忱的事情上成功。——查爾斯?史考伯  A person can success on any of the things he has unlimited enthusiasm.

    22、你若要喜愛你自己的價值,你就得給世界創造價值。——歌德  If you want to love your own value, you have to create value to the world.

    23、真誠的友誼好像健康,失去時才知道他的可貴。——哥爾頓  True friendship is like sound health, know until it be lost his precious.

    24、懶惰是一切罪惡的源泉。——馬卡連科  Idleness is the source of all evil.

    25、書是人類進步的階梯。——高爾基  Books are the ladder of human progress.

    26、如果你對別人的苦難無動于衷,那么你就不配稱為人。——薩迪  If you are indifferent to the sufferings of others, then you are not worthy to be called a man.

    27、經驗豐富的人讀書用兩只眼睛,一只眼睛看到紙面上的話,另一眼睛看到紙的背面。——歌德  The experienced reader reads with two eyes, one eye see on paper, another eye see the back of the paper.

    28、如煙往事俱忘卻,句子網http://www.hnjzxf.com心底無私天地寬。——陶鑄  Consumed in the past all forget, heart selfless heaven and earth wide.

    29、對人不尊敬,首先就是對自己的不尊敬。——惠特曼  The people don't respect, the first is to own don't respect.

    30、真正的人生,只有在經過艱難卓絕的斗爭之后才能實現。——塞涅卡  The real life, only after hard suffering struggle to achieve.

    31、林中有兩條路,你永遠只能走一條,懷念著另一條。——弗羅斯特  Two paths in the forest, you can only take a forever, miss with another.

    32、逆境是達到真理的一條通路。──拜倫  Adversity is of a path to truth.

    33、生命誠可貴,愛情價更高;若為自由故,二者皆可拋。——裴多菲  Life honest valuable, love price is higher. If for free so, two all may throw.

    34、生活真象這杯濃酒,不經三番五次的提煉呵,就不會這樣可口!——郭小川  Life like this cup of liquor, without repeatedly refining oh, would not be so delicious!

    35、當一個人用工作去迎接光明,光明很快就會來照耀著他。——馮學峰  When a man use work to welcome the light, the light will soon come over him.

    36、勇于求知的人,決不至于空閑于事。——孟德斯鳩  To learning, never as for free in the matter.

    37、對眾人一視同仁,對少數人推心置腹,對任何人不要虧負。——莎士比亞  Bared his heart to all alike, to a few, to anyone not wrong one another.

    38、不謙虛的話只能有這個辯解,即缺少謙虛就是缺少見識。——富蘭克林  Without humility there can only be the excuse, that is, the lack of humility is the lack of knowledge.

    39、給我一個支點,我可以撬起地球。——阿基米德  Give me a fulcrum, I can pry up the earth.

    40、過去屬于死神,未來屬于你自己。——雪萊  The past belongs to death, and that the future belongs to yourself.

    41、科學沒有國界,科學家卻有國界。——巴甫洛夫  Science without borders, but scientists have borders.

    42、應該讓別人的生活因為有了你的生存而更加美好。──茨巴爾  Should let someone else's life is more beautiful because of your survival.

    43、沒有絕望的處境,只有對處境絕望的人。——哈爾西  There is no desperate situation, only people with a slough of despond.

    44、人生猶如一本書,愚蠢者草草翻過,聰明人細細閱讀。為何如此。因為他們只能讀它一次。——保羅  Life is like a book, the foolish carelessly, the wise one read it carefully. Why are you so. Because they can only read it one more time.

    45、人類是唯一會臉紅的動物,或是唯一該臉紅的動物。——馬克?吐溫  Human beings are the only animals that blush, or the only animals that.

    46、死者的光榮不在于受世人之贊美,而在于為后人所效法。——孟德斯鳩  Praise of the glory of the dead is not affected by the world, but in the role model for later generations.

    47、我知道什麼是勞動:勞動是世界上一切歡樂和一切美好事情的源泉。——高爾基  I know what is the labor: labor is the source of all joy and all good things in the world.

    48、生活的理想,就是為了理想的生活。——張聞天  The ideal of life is for ideal life.

    49、良好的開端是成功的一半。——亞里士多德  A good beginning is half done.

    50、世界上最快樂的事,莫過于為理想而奮斗。——蘇格拉底  The happiest thing in the world is to struggle for the ideal.

    51、通過自己的努力即使知道一半真理,也比人云亦云地知道全部真理要好得多。──羅曼?羅蘭  Through our own efforts even know half the truth, and is much better than conformity to know all the truth.

    52、人生的價值,即以其人對于當代所做的工作為尺度。——徐瑋  The value of life, namely to the person to contemporary work for scale.

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